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Ski Resort - Bariloche

Antu Pukem Cabins


With a view of paradise at the base of Cathedral Mountain huts are ANTU-PUKEM.

An intimate Patagonia where you can stay away from it all and share with his whole nature of Argentina Patagonia landscape framed in Villa Catedral, either for the skier or the favorite in the wonderful attractions of the countryside, tourist destinations and activities of the best ski resort in South America.

In any season ANTU-PUKEM cabins offers advice on tourism and mountain sports.

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Catedral Alta Patagonia


Telephones from the exterior: 0054-3327-484257 / Messages: 0054-911-6415 0005

Telephones from Argentina: (03327) 484257 / Messages: 011-15-6415-0005

F. Jerman entre M.Jereb y LosÑires Villa Catedral - Email:


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