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Ski Resort - Bariloche


Waypoint: S.41° 10.138 ; W.071 26.330

Located directly on the ski area access to a few meters from the lifts. To reach the cabins up in just 15 minutes from Bariloche, Avenida Bustillo taking the car, micro or taxi along a route is completely paved.

Some nearby attractions include Lake Nahuel Huapi, Gutiérrez Lake, Circuito Chico where you can see on their way the imposing landscapes of the Patagonia Argentina, where we arrived in Colonia Suiza, Lake Moreno with its own spa. not repent of these rides where you can relax or hang out on the banks of streams. And if you are interested in off-road paths, these paths are indicated.

Catedral Alta Patagonia


Telephones from the exterior: 0054-3327-484257 / Messages: 0054-911-6415 0005

Telephones from Argentina: (03327) 484257 / Messages: 011-15-6415-0005

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